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Adam Booth Joins Filmtrip

Adam Booth Joins Filmtrip

We’ve been very fortunate with the people who’ve worked with us at Filmtrip. 

Everyone who has been part of our journey has made us who we are & kept the brain juices excited & the latest addition to our team Adam Booth has hit the ground running with that same charge & energy.

Armstrong Learning has helped introduced us to some crackers with their scheme to help creative minds get into the world of creative businesses, and has provided an important doorway for people who are truly interested in working in this space to have the opportunities to do so.  They work with the Department of Learning & Education in helping people with creative skills get work placements in the hope of on-going employment.

Adam joined us through this scheme & has been integral to our building of the early messages & branding of Sensum, and other Filmtrip projects, and along with Victor Henriquez, who also came to us through Armstrong Learning, they have immersed themselves in the magical world of Filmtrip.  Long may it continue.

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