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Sensum Guerrilla Testing Event at Culture Tech 2012

Sensum Guerrilla Testing Event at Culture Tech 2012

Adam looks back at the successful Sensum guerrilla testing event organised during the second day of the Culture Tech Festival in Derry/Londonderry.

After a very early morning start in Belfast, we headed for CultureTech at the Millennium Forum in Derry/Londonderry.
Long car journeys don’t help anyone, but we fought the Zz’s and setup our guerilla testing station to what would be a very exciting day.

We seemed to have the perfect position, right beside the noodle bar: everyone loves noodles and to get their emotions tested on advertisements!

Sensum Guerrilla Testing Event at Culture Tech 2012

As the day moved towards the afternoon, we had more and more people interested to actually know what Sensum is and how it works. From looking at the other exhibitions on the day at that venue, we were the only innovation company at the showing new technology to the public. This provided not only some strange looks from passers-by, but also some fantastic results.

Sensum Guerrilla Testing Event at Culture Tech 2012

Doing mobile audience testing at Culture Tech was a great platform for us to see not only how the general public reacts to onscreen stimulus, but what their reaction is to the idea of Sensum. The feedback was very positive and we were able to gain some valuable information on how personal traits affect their responses.


Sensum Guerrilla Testing Event at Culture Tech 2012

For example, the Sensum reporting on some musicians and music lovers who were tested showed that at key points where music either dropped or changed in the videoclip they were watching, changes in emotional response were definitely greater than others.

Also people who were afraid of heights showed their phobias through the visualization; if they felt bored, or were so exhausted from the day’s events, they just enjoyed the seat and their emotions were showing a lack of engagement with the videos shown.

Thank you CultureTech for a fantastic day of guerilla testing and allowing us to explore further the depths of where Sensum can go!

Adam Booth

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