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Have you seen this, Adam?

Have you seen this, Adam?

The valiant Adam Booth of Sensum breaks down the digital 4th wall for you to tell him what to watch as he tests his emotions with Sensum sensors and app

Adam will take on a new video challenge set by you, to watch in satisfaction or in complete horror to get his emotions running: the latest YouTube sensation, the weirdest adverts from around the world or the latest blockbuster.

In the coming weeks, we will be putting the power in your hands of deciding what Adam should watch and you will be able to see, through the use of Sensum, what his emotions were at the time of watching and if they reflected what he felt at the time.

So get those brains chugging and your fingers typing to find a video that’ll put Adam’s emotions to the test!  Make sure to let us know what emotion you’re hoping to evoke!! Comment on twitter using #sensumadam.

Send suggestions via or visit the HYSTA? Facebook page

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