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Sensum at Culture Night: Review

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

Adam, Sensum’s human guinea-pig and star of ‘Have You Seen This, Adam?’ gives his review of Sensum’s part in last week’s Culture Night events

Culture Night 2012 was Sensum’s first venture into what would turn out to be an exquisite night of culture, testing and reactions.

We kicked off our night with a one-to-one comedy show in the Assembly Rooms with me as the participant. The setting was one of the vaults that constituted part of the old bank back in the day. There we had our comedian; Ronan Linskey (above), me, and Gawain who filmed the escapade. Let’s just say I wasn’t comfortable for the most part!

It was such a strange experience, not just the setting (we had to bring a torch as there were no lights in the vault!), but almost a feeling of if I don’t laugh, it’ll be even more awkward and this experience will haunt him and I for the rest of our days.

From the screenshot below, you can see a lot of peaks and dips, these are mainly due to me laughing at the punch line.

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

During his routine, I found myself stretching my jeans with my right hand (the sensor was on my left hand, which didn’t move), almost a sub-conscious reaction to the awkwardness. This isn’t shown in the visualisation, but it is an interesting addition into how we could look at people’s reactions in unusual settings, or watching unsettling media. This is the task I am undertaking with ‘Have You Seen This, Adam?’

Thanks to Ronan for being such a good sport and allowing us to gauge my reactions to his routine!

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

Then, we jumped across the road to our next venue: Belfast-Exposed for a Star Wars based engagement. Throughout Culture Night, Belfast-Exposed were screening a fan re-make of 1977’s Star Wars Episode IV, so we decided to test some of the fans emotional engagement with the original trailers for Episodes IV to VI.

First up to try the Star Wars videos was American PhD student David. An intellectual guy, David was interested as to where-else Sensum could go.

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

Although we’d only planned to spend a relatively short time at Belfast-Exposed we ended up spending more time there as a steady stream of onlookers were all curious as to what Sensum is and to have their chance to participate in a test. After David was Eoghan, whose graph peaked during a certain kiss scene! He’s obviously a romantic at heart…

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

Below is Eoghan enjoying the playback of his visualisation:

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

After Eoghan came Dave, who enjoyed seeing how his graphic visualisation compared to the introduction of characters on the screen. He was surprised at how accurately his feelings were represented, obviously liking some characters more than others!

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

Here’s Dave’s graph visualisation when Princess Leia appears on-screen:

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

Dave’s engagement and excitement rose when each character was showcased on screen. He clearly doesn’t like Princess Leia as much as R2-D2!

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

It was a great chance to capture some fan’s galvanic skin responses (GSR) to the original trailers, and such great feedback even though they have seen the movies countless number of times. Thanks to all who took part!

Finally we headed down to the new Blick Studio space on Hill Street in the Cathedral Quarter to test some people’s emotional engagement on some interesting videos.

Their new space looked fantastic and with people enjoying some free food and sangria we hooked up some volunteers.

We had three videos; a contortionist, a Doritos advert and one from our favourites at the Go-Pro team.

Just like at Culture Tech, the highest point of danger caused the biggest dip in the visualisation due to stress and fear.

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

Above is the graph visualisation of a tester’s reaction to the GO PRO tightrope clip from CultureTECH in August, while below is the visualisation of a tester’s reaction to the GO PRO skateboard clip from Culture Night.

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

In these two cases were people who did not particularly like heights or extreme sports. Therefore, we can see their response was reflected in their personality and emotions.

One of the surprise guests for our testing was the MLA for South Belfast, Anna Lo, who was enjoying the activities all around the festival.

Sensum at Culture Night: Review

We had a fantastic night, not just as participants, but also as members of the public. We would like to thank everyone involved, especially Adam Turkington and his team of organisers for letting us do some guerilla testing at Culture Night. They did such a splendid job and certainly raised the bar for future events in the city.

Click here to view the videos we used over the course of the night.

Visit the Culture Night Belfast 2012 website  and search for #CNB12 on Twitter to view other reviews!


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