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Sensum at the Belfast Media Festival 2012

Sensum at the Belfast Media Festival 2012

On the 18th/19th of October Sensum exhibited at the Belfast Media Festival

On the 18th and 19th of October we showcased the Sensum emotional response mobile platform at the Belfast Media Festival in BBC Blackstaff House. Over the course of the two-day event visitors to the festival were offered the chance to try Sensum for themselves at the ‘digital street’ area. Showing a GoPro camera tightrope video clip, we discovered that everyone seems to have some fear of heights! Oscar-winning director Terry George found time in his busy schedule to try Sensum before being ushered off to give his talk as one of the most anticipated speakers of the festival.

Sensum at the Belfast Media Festival 2012

Many industry members who tried the Sensum technology for the first time were fascinated by the potential applications for the broadcast industry. For example, BBC Radio Ulster producer Paul McClean said he’d be very interested to see how the Nolan team, Panorama, or a quiz show incorporated Sensum into their formats. Aidan Browne, a senior lecturer in Performing Arts at the Belfast Metropolitan College, was very interested in Sensum envisioning that; “it’d be of great use, not only to students, but to a wide range of organisations doing market research and product development”. Watch feedback from Paul, Aidan and others in the two clips below.

Video 1 (Nigel McAlpine/Ian Kennedy/Sharon Moody/PaulMcClean/Amy McGarrigle):


Video 2 (Ian Kennedy/Gerd Leonhard/Aidan Browne/Derry O’Brien):

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