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Sensum Logo : The Design

Sensum Logo : The Design

After our friends & families gave us their decision on what name we should go with [I still really like Moodtube!] it was time to get on with the branding.

The guys at The Design Zoo worked Above & beyond the call of duty with us since funds were obscenely tight.

It began with pulling together a bunch of logos that we liked.  I had watched the documentary on Steve Jobs the night before and it highlighted the attention to detail that he went to when it came to colour choices [various shades of white for the ipod], form & design.  It was important to me that we expressed fun & entertainment with Sensum.  The area of physiology integration is always going to be fraught with issues of intrusion & blurring the world of self, and since we realy just want to be able to create cool & intriguing forms of entertainment we needed to express this in our logo.  This was to come across in not only the colour but in the shape & form of the font.

The first design was based on a bunch of questions the guys had asked me about area of industry, what we wanted to express etc but I didn’t help them at all with this as what my mind was visualising wasn’t what I wrote out.

So the Zoolanders then asked for a selection of logos to show what was in my head and I just Googled a bunch and fired them through.  My selections were anything that had bright or fun colours, rounded fonts, or abstract design.

They nailed it on the second go with the font & form, and the third attempt had the colours. 

The Sensum brand was born.

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