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Sensum - What Exactly Is It?

Sensum - What Exactly Is It?

Sensum is a mobile platform that enables both your conscious and emotional choices to personalise any entertainment experience.

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Sensum integrates emotional response reporting into any media and is universally compatible with a wide range of platforms and devices.

Through Sensum, media such as TV, games and film can now provide new exciting layers of exploration, enjoyment and play making your next adventure unique.

Sensum. Your world. Your choice. Your journey.

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Whether it’s second device, connected TV, on demand or live; Sensum brings you closer to your favourite television programmes with new and exciting means of engagement. Your emotions become part of the story.

An interactive film experience pushes new boundaries allowing you to change what happens. By using mobile technology Sensum easily works with existing digital cinemas as well as offering multi-platform opportunities in and outside the big screen environment.

Sensum is your new game controller. By integrating sensor-captured emotions, the digital you becomes an active variable in gameplay and game environment.
Sensum grants players a way to close the emotional feedback loop bringing you into the game universe in a way never before experienced.

Brand communications & loyalty are integral to connecting with customers and in this increasingly interactive world finding new ways to engage is a challenge. Sensum provides users with a fun & deeply immersive opportunity to discover new relationships with brands.

Sensum reports on different layers of user data for focused audience tests and marketing. Its mobile platform allows for reporting to take place anywhere, anytime.

New technologies provide new opportunities for exploring yourself as you engage with the world. Sensum offers you a way to visualise those responses. Be first to try it. Be informed. Be in control.

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