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The Beat Hotel ... The Journey

The Beat Hotel ... The Journey

It began as an idea to marry up music performance with a puppet show, originally approaching labels & band managers to ask if they’d be interested in their artists appearing at The Beat Hotel as puppets.

Over time this grew to a multi-platform project that had a number of ways for bands to check in to the hotel, and to hang out with fans.

Plenty of managers in UK & US were interested but they wanted to see a broadcaster take up the show before they would bring their artists to the table.  And broadcasters wanted to see labels & managers attached before they would commit.  Catch 22. 

Whilst trying to square this circle the idea grew & grew to take in all sorts of ideas from Facebook games to interactive flash games, from online aggregation of your web 2.0 existence to a digital stock exchange for digital artwork.  Various models were created for it all, so that depending on what we could get financed first the project could be built from there.

The Filmtrippers wouldn’t be beaten, specifically as they loved The Beat Hotel, and have always had nice things said about it, even by those who couldn’t find a way to commission it.  So they went back to the core of what it was ... a comedy show where Beat Hotel puppet residents would play out their madness along with puppets & animations from elsewhere in the world, with weekly performances in the Ballroom of The Beat Hotel.

The great thing is that due to all of the development that was carried out to demonstrate what could be done for fans, labels & broadcasters there are now a whole bunch of ideas for all sorts of platforms and additional ways of engaging with audiences, so there are great things to build on for the future.

Over the last few months people from around the world have been checking in to The Beat Hotel, hanging out in various ‘rooms’ .. the Vimeo room, the Facebook room, Tumblr room, and a bunch of other places that audiences can check in to.

The mad ones are coming home.


The Beat Hotel has been supported by:

Supported through the Creative Industries Innovations Fund.

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