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Film and Tv Production

Film & Tv Production

Our productions span cross platform series and film, conventional feature film and music video, both live action and animation.

In the new digital consumer market place we focus on storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctive contributions to a viewer/user/player's understanding of the story world. By using different media formats, we create entry-points through which the viewer and user can become immersed.

Of course there is nothing more pure and beautiful that the original art form of cinema and we pride ourselves in developing and producing conventional feature film releases for the big screen

We welcome parties interested in co-productions and those looking to exploit the talent and facilities here in Northern Ireland

We focus on storytelling across multiple forms

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Bringing creative industries experience to the technical & design sides of iPhone applications

We like to think we have a unique take on app development and production to bring music, film, arts and literature content to the iphone. These apps serve the local community and tourists alike, bringing heritage and new work via a rich interactive experience. Check out our flagship app 'Belfast Music'

We will work on research, music clearances, stills, feeds, audio and video, all tailored to deliver a high quality product to reach the targeted user.

Filmtrip have a unique take on mobile app development and production

Online Media

Online Media

With story at the core of every concept, we investigate the most suitable platforms to maximise content distribution

Need to get your message out there in a cool new exciting way. Come talk to us. We can provide multiple solutions. For example, a seamless link from printed page to internet to mobile user; leveraging the ability to make printed media the gateway to all sorts of new media rich online experiences via QR codes or exploiting the power that Web 2.0 gives the producer and consumer in allowing the creation and exchange of user-generated content

We develop rich interactive experiences

Games Development

Games Development

From flash to social games, from urban to virtual, we look at how to merge games with other media & platforms

It may seem a simple idea but incorporating a game into a project really does help give your user a more immersive experience creating an extra layer of involvement and adding to their loyalty. On the most simple level, another talking point to gather more fans, or unlock clues and rewards that take you deeper into the story, and if its an ARG or city based event an opportunity for brand involvement. It is not enough these days just to release your project on one tier.

Incorporating a game into a project really does help



We work with clients in focusing on target audience and message transmission for all platforms

We can provide digital and new media consultancy in an increasingly technological world where old revenue & marketing models are being supplemented, and sometimes overtaken by the online & mobile worlds

New media can take many different forms. Technologies include: blogs, user generated content, picture-sharing, vlogs, podcasts, crowd-sourcing, and all the social networking tools, to name a few. We can help steer you productively through all of this.

We provide digital and new media consultancy