Beardyman Music Video

Film & TV Production

Filmtrip were asked to shoot a music video for the Beardyman track ‘Vampire Skank’ from the album ‘I Done A Album’

If you’re anyone who is anyone you know who Beardyman is ... I should maybe correct that with if you’re from the upper heights of the remotest mountain range this side of the Arctic then you’ll know who Beardyman is.

Beardyman, his manager Adam Dewhurst, and Gawain from Filmtrip battered a few ideas back and forth for a few months, sussing out whether this was a flyer or not.  Tommy Baker from Yer Man’s Puppets threw together a teaser with some of his more deranged puppets, and from there it was really more of a when & how to get this made as we were all really wanting to make this happen.

Trumpet scene

The moment came one Friday afternoon .. the call came through .. we’re good to go!

We pulled together the crew, Sunflowerfest came through with a cracking location, Beardyman recut the track to take in some extra shots that we got, and the lads shot a bit of stuff in a restaurant in London .. and then it all came together for one crazy crazy video.  A lot of fun was had by all & may the world have as much fun watching it as we had making it.

He was given the nickname “Beardyman” because a name was quickly needed for a flyer for an early show, and he had a beard at the time.

As well as accomplished solo beatboxing, Beardyman was inspired by MC Xander to use music technology such as the Korg Kaoss Pad 3 in order to loop and sample his vocals. Through his use of looping tools he effectively produces whole DJ sets where the records are constructed live from his vocalisations, as well as live production of original material.

This is our favourite beardyman video :

Wanna buy the tune & perhaps even the album? Then here ya go :
Wanna know more about the man himself?

Beardyman Music Video