‘Men In Speedos’ music video : Gr8 Orbit

Film & TV Production

A visual exploration of life and death - a young soul attempts to escape from a dreamlike state of euphoria before it turns into a nightmare.

The Concept

As the music begins we fade slowly from black to see a locked-off view of a naked female figure lying face down on a white floor. Her hair is black and her skin is pale. She is motionless.

The floor is covered in a clear plastic. The plastic is slightly crumpled but it is clean and continuous throughout the entire area of the screen.

The camera remains at a high angle and is locked into position.

As the music begins to develop a single droplet of red paint drops down from behind the camera, onto the floor beside the woman, splashing onto the plastic surface.

In time to the music another droplet of paint, a different colour than before, splashes down onto floor below.

As the guitar starts in the song, another paint drop falls and the camera begins to move slowly, breaking away from its locked position but remaining at the same angle.

The camera rotates slowly as the song continues and more and more drops of paint begin to fall, raining down on the floor and also onto the skin of the female figure.

As the track unfolds so too does the imagery developing in stages - the camera continues to move slowly, the paint continues to falls and, the figure remains motionless getting more and more covered with the paint.

A final few drops of paint splash down on the girls skin as the camera comes to rest in the same position in which it started.

Both the pale figure and the entire white floor are now completely covered in colour.

A transparent figure emerges in double exposure from where the girl is situated and begins to rise up towards the camera. Its the same girl who looks into the camera and disappears.

The painted body remains on the painted plastic surface as a small black droplet splashes down onto it. This is the first time we have seen any paint that was coloured black.

Another droplet falls, this droplet is also black.

More black paint rains down on the girl and floor until the entire canvas is black, the girl blends into the surrounding area and virtually disappears.

Fade to black.

You can see more of Brian’s work at www.brianphilipdavis.com

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‘Men In Speedos’ music video : Gr8 Orbit

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