Hey Rocky Answer The Phone : music video for Eric Needs To Know

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“If we don’t end war, war will end us.”


Modern warfare; an infamous term for our present day conflicts, during which we send our young soldiers to fight in wars that only serve to line the pockets of the rich and powerful. This short music video deals with the issue of those who truly suffer in today’s high-tech conflicts where modern technology and communication methods tend to kill and maim the very people they are intended to protect.


The main concept that we will be using throughout this visual piece is Communication Warfare or Information Warfare. The music will have various elements throughout which are sympathetic to this idea.

The main idea will be to use lines of communication as the constant throughout the music. The camera will follow a grid of wires which will pause in certain areas to zoom in on action, whether that be missiles launching, computers in overdrive, soldiers on the phone, circuit board explorations, radar, interference etc.

The style will be very graphic using only black and white to signify the nature of war. This will also follow on from the style of artwork on www.30mins.org that Gareth & Daryl have been producing.

We feel that this is a particularly relevant subject matter, when there is an increasing uncertainty in the shape of our future world, and the conflicts that continue to go day after day on our planet, sometimes with our intervention, and sometimes without.

Gareth Morrison is a Lead Animator for games company Freestylegames, who released B-Boy & DJ Hero, and Daryl Campbell is a well-known Northern Irish illustrator & graphic designer : www.darylcampbell.com

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Hey Rocky Answer The Phone : music video for Eric Needs To Know