The Beat Hotel: Puppet Music Show


The Beat Hotel is a dark comedy puppet show inspired by the legendary Beat Hotel in Paris.


Dear Guest,

Welcome to The Beat Hotel. We hope you enjoy your stay here, and find the atmosphere free, inspiring, and groovy. Checking in couldn’t be easier, in fact, you’ve done it already… Well, you’re here, aren’t you? What more do you want, a piece of paper to prove that you’re here? Don’t be silly.

Your room is all ready and waiting. Which one? Whichever one takes your fancy - though a lot of our guests like their privacy in order to create and exist. Creative energy manifests itself in strange ways sometimes, but who are we to judge?

Cost? No, no, put your magic plastic money card away - the hotel doesn’t want paid, it wants fed. Feed it’s soul with your art, and then in turn the soul of the hotel will feed you, and your art. It’s the great creative cycle; beautiful, isn’t it?

I don’t want to know how long you’re planning to stay either. Plans? They’re just embryonic spirits of future regrets. Live in the now, just be - and then you won’t have to worry about not being. You’re here now, and when you leave you’ll not be here. That’s all I need to know.

So go on, pick a place to stay, make it your own, and let the good vibes free to fertilize those seeds of something in your mind - they’re just waiting to grow into mighty trees of genius! ...But no plastic bags, please. They’re body bags for birds. Love & Good Vibes.

** Sherri Martini **

The Show

The Beat Hotel is a Class 13 hotel, meaning bottom of the barrel, a place that is required by law to meet only minimum health and safety standards. It’s run by Sherri Martini, a hippy who believes in free love and payment in trade rather than money, with a penchant for young Jim Morrison look-a-likes.

She hasn’t lost her goal of keeping it beatnik, with some of the residents from that time, some from the present, and even one or two from well before the 60’s. From Rusty Lane, the 101 year old burlesque dancer, through to Jim Fawndah, the resident gym instructor, from Beau Bronson, the slightly psychotic hotel janitor, to Klaus the taxidermist, there is a general air of madness and never a dull moment.

The bohemian clientele sometimes pay the rent with paintings or manuscripts & they can paint and decorate their rented rooms any way they want. Sherri makes sure you don’t forget the famous guests from back in the day including Allen Ginsberg & William Burroughs, who completed the text of Naked Lunch there.

But their little world is about to get invaded. BJ The Property Developer wants the land the hotel is situated on to build a super casino. His previous attempts using bullying lawyers and minor threats have failed, so now he’s sending in Alvin Feinstein, to gather ‘dirt’ on the place, to get it officially closed down. As a hotel inspector, and one of the best in the game, Alvin is disturbed from the first steps into the place, and is certain
that he will have one of the longest reports in his career at the end of his stay there.

As the weeks pass, The Beat Hotel casts it’s spell and Alvin falls in love with the place and it’s beautiful madness.

Will Alvin come clean? What will happen to the residents if they’re evicted? How can Alvin bear to look Sherri in the eyes and tell her what he’s been doing? Will BJ get his way?

Other Details

The Beat Hotel is a music puppet show, a dark comedy set in a purpose-built hotel. The Beat Hotel’s unique aesthetic will make it stand out visually. Being a puppet drama, you can also be more adventurous with the characters & storylines, pushing more boundaries than you could with real people when scripting the episodes.

The Beat Hotel has a global market as it can be dubbed into any language with no issue over lip-sync, as the world is a puppet world. It showcases bands in a way that’s never been done before. The format of the show will be made up of episodic content, of the journey of the Beat Hotel, followed with the weekly performance played by puppet versions of ‘real world’ performing guests who will play the Beat Hotel ballroom.


Weekly cross-platform format :

• TV episode [The Beat Hotel characters]
• Episode ending [Band performance]
• Online interaction
• Mobile interaction
• Room rentals and engagement [Bands & UGC]
• Artwork creation
• Competitions
• Facebook game

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The Beat Hotel: Puppet Music Show